Past Members / Eulogies

Here we dedicate an additional place to remember and rejoice those lives we have travelled with on life's path, and those faces we will see again through God's love.

Jean Hensman

Church Elder 1990-2019. Former Maths teacher, Youth Leader, Tolworth URC Leader, Ewell Treasurer, Bible Study Group Leader & so much more. How will we replace those loved ones who have gone to their just reward ahead of us?  They who walked with the Lord in the light of his word with the blessings they shared with us on their way. They truly "Trusted and Obeyed", so were "Happy in Jesus".

We remember with much love & rejoicing all who are mentioned here.

Betty Malandrone.
Elder 2001 - 2019. Former Chorister & Treasurer.
What will replace the ache in our hearts at losing our dear Betty? We shall miss her selfless kindness, her smile & her singing. The first things that she'll see will be His smiling face & the nail-prints in His hands. Well done, Good & Faithful Servant. Also Betty's husband John who passed away in early 2020, bereft of his life partner.