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A New Way of Working, with a Fresh Start.

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

As the UK begins to emerge from Covid 19 Lockdown at the start of July 2020, Ewell URC launches this new church website. Both the main church & our brothers & sisters in the Korean church who worship at the same premises have met via audio & video conference links as well as email & 'phone to discuss the way forward. We have agreed to continue to meet separately until the beginning of October 2020, but to continue our zoom-style Sunday morning worship meetings which can also be accessed through a telephone link until such time as a satisfactory solution can be found for a return to safe worship within the church premises.

You can join & listen to this short worship service conducted by Rev Roger Jones & members of the congregation by contacting the website administrator on: mikeawestbrook@gmail.com who will advise you about the access code after dialing: 033 060 604 03. The service usually lasts about 20 minutes.

During August we met & discussed "the return" to normal again via conference calls. The outcomes so far are: There will be a 10% (ten percent) surcharge with immediate effect on all existing contracts to equably pay for our additional cleaning/sanitisation of premises by an independent professional cleaning firm which will carry out a "Deep Clean" of the Sanctuary as well as all ancillary rooms to the side & rear of the property in advance of Lettings which will re-commence in mid September 2020. There will be additional cleaning & sanitisation between lettings, but letting clients, as well as church functions, are responsible for keeping contact lists, enforcing face-mark use, correct social distancing, cleanliness of furniture/furnishings/apparatus & self sanitisation, so we will keep this site updated in due course. Potential new lettings should apply via the church Lettings Officer: lettings@ewellurc.com.

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