Not just a contract of obligation ...

The Revd Barbara Pearson Sunday 24th January 2021.

Readings: Psalm 128.

John ch 2 vv 1 – 11.

Barbara highlighted that in Psalm 128 the writer sings that there are many blessings to be had from God if the reader walks in His ways, & lives in the fear of the Lord (v 4). It was a contract: you lived a meticulously God-fearing life, obeyed the rules – thereafter, blessings flowed to you & your family.

When performing his first miracle @ Cana in Galilee, Jesus did not have to do anything, as He & his mother were merely guests. The mix-up was entirely the fault of the host &/or the wine providers. But when his mother told the men to do exactly as Jesus said, He showed his gracious love over & above what was expected from him by supplying their need abundantly – in spades, as we would now say - just as his gracious love supplies our needs today & every day.

This Barbara summed up beautifully in her own poem:


How great to be here at this wedding, A feast that is going just fine.

We can share this good time with the Master, Just relax and eat food and drink wine.

Here’s a man who’s in charge of arrangements, He’s worried, it’s not hard to tell.

The Lord’s mother also looks anxious – Perhaps things aren’t going so well.

Now his mother approaches our table, And the Master is asked for his aid,

But what can he do at a wedding? She should share her concerns with a maid.

And then we can hear what she’s saying, There’s a danger they’ll run out of wine.

The shame and disgrace that would follow Would be hard to forget or define.

What man can say “No” to his mother? Jesus chooses to take on the task,

And he offers advice to the servants, And his mother says, “Do as he asks”.

Then they fill up great jars with plain water, And take to the feast host to taste.

When he takes a great gulp of the water, He says that’s great wine, that’s the best.

So our Master had done what you can’t do, Turned well water into good wine.

He truly is somebody special, And this was his very first sign.

Copyright Barbara Pearson, who asserts the right of authorship, used with her permission.

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